Since the dawn of time, humanity has used the stars of the celestial vault to orient themselves, draw inspiration, imagine the future and make sense of the unknown: the movements of the Sun, moon, stars and planets, as well as all the rhythms of the nature, are essential for the human being to organize his life. The lunar cycles mark the months, move the seas, radiate us with energy, and it is precisely in this light that we created Yakamoz.

Yakamoz is a Turkish word: it indicates the reflection of the moon on the water. For us, Yakamoz means connection, inclusion and community. Yakamoz means having a space to share, where you can find your fellowmen, with an open and free spirit, united by a passion for music and rhythm.

All this creates a new cosmic dimension, an invisible link, between the light of the stars and the beating of our hearts.

A project by
Chris Pieracci
Hasan Akil